Pay Your Invoice Online

You can conveniently pay your Friesen Bain invoices online. Use the form below to start the process.

Invoice Sample - Finding Invoice # and Total Amount

How to Pay Online

  1. Have your invoice handy. You'll need:
    1. Your Invoice #
    2. The total invoice amount INCLUDING GST
    3. The email you want your receipt to go to
  2. On the form below:
    1. Enter your invoice #.
    2. Enter the total amount of your invoice, INCLUDING GST.
    3. Enter the email you wish your receipt to go to.
    4. Check the checkbox. 
    5. Click the "Continue to Payment Screen" button.
  3. On the secure payment screen:
    1. Enter your credit card information as it appears on your card
    2. Click Process Transaction to complete your payment.
    3. Your card will be charged and you will receive a receipt by email.
  4. Your invoice is paid!

Let's Get Started!

Invoice #
Amount $
Enter the invoice total INCLUDING GST. Do not include the $ sign.
Receipt Email
Enter the email the receipt should be sent to. It will only be used to send the receipt.